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General Contractor

Ottawa Home Contractors OHC - Most Committed GC

Ottawa Home Contractors - OHC Most Committed General Contractor for your Home Project.​


As a Certified, Fully insures, General Contractor, and the help of 18 years of experience as a Builder, We are here to help you with your journey of your new build, renovation, and SDU (Secondary Dwelling Unit) from the design, to permit and occupancy, We are also open to small size jobs such as Bathroom renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Basement finishing and Condo renovation.


​Reach us out for your remodeling project and we will make sure you will be happy at the end of the job.


​We offer warranty under the Tarion warranty guidelines for all our remodeling and new build projects.


We also have designers whom will assist you at the beginning and during the project, They will accompany you store by store to make sure you will get the best design with the best materials.​


At Ottawa Home Contractors as a General Contractor, We know a construction and renovation project might be stressful for you as the owner of the project and will try our best to make it as easy as possible and as hassle free as possible for you.


Call us directly at (613)255-3452

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300-451 Daly Ave, Ottawa, Ontario

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Ontario Building Codes

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We are so obsess with finding and hiring people, who cares about the customers. Here is our growing team.

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